10-year-old boy leads police on high-speed chase

By Ray Downs – UPI

— A 10-year-old Cleveland boy led police on a high-speed car chase Thursday, and police released dashcam video of the incident.

Cleveland police said the boy took his mother’s car as his sister was getting ready to them to school and drove off. His mother tried to chase him down in another car, but the boy kept going.

“Oh my [expletive] god,” the mother said during a 911 call, according to Cleveland.com. “My son’s going to kill himself before you guys get here.”

Other drivers on the road noticed a minor was behind the wheel.

“There looks to be a child driving a silver Infinity with what looks like his mother almost chasing him down,” a witness told police during a 911 call, according to Fox 8.

The child reached speeds of 96 mph, police said. The video shows the car driving erratically on a highway. At one point, it almost goes directly into oncoming traffic.

But police were able to bump the car onto the shoulder, where they surrounded it to keep from going near other drivers. Eventually, they were able to bump it again and it lightly crashed at slow speed into a police SUV and came to a stop.

“Bump him as gently as possible,” a police officer is heard saying on the video.

The child was not injured in the incident. Police said when they apprehended him, he kicked and spat at them.

Police have not said if the boy will be charged for a crime.

This wasn’t the first time the boy stole his parent’s car. Earlier this month, he took his father’s car out for a joyride, police said.

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